Wonderful! Wonderful! It’s the best thing since the self-flushing toilet!

Jschool’s the place if you want the hands-on j-education with no messing around (or at least not much).  Over a month’s grind so far, my new classmates and I have witnessed a political debate in the City Library, a staggering sharehouse performance in the Arts Theatre, and bureaucratic mud-fight in City Council!  All down on paper in the Jschool trial and error crash-course.

Classmates too.  A proverbial “union of like-minded individuals”.  Good fellas them.  No-one sent them.  We’re all here in Jschool ‘cos we want to be.  It’s an absolute pressure working with them.

Doing practical work during and alongside theoretical learning and j-skill development, Jschool paves the path to the media with long and rocky brickwork and plenty of pitfalls.  As in all practical professions, being thrown in the deep end is apparently the best way to get it done.

And what’s the difference between a journalist and a leech?  One’s a swamp-dwelling, blood-sucking parasite and the other doesn’t write in shorthand.  Boom-tish! Thank you and good night.