The journey north

An eerie silence was being carried across the valley on the backs of grey charred looms of smoke. Red diesel tankers skirted over the bows of these burnt Killmore hills. The drought was over and the time for rebirth had arrived, only 1,517 kilometres remained. A bushfire, milk bar robbery and local pub being gutterd by(…)

Better than a slap in the face with a dead fish!

Wonderful! Wonderful! It’s the best thing since the self-flushing toilet! Jschool’s the place if you want the hands-on j-education with no messing around (or at least not much).  Over a month’s grind so far, my new classmates and I have witnessed a political debate in the City Library, a staggering sharehouse performance in the Arts Theatre, and(…)

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury?

Travelling the minimum two and a half hours to get to Brisbane from the Gold Coast daily is bearable;  only because we have amazing teachers and the work is enjoyable. :] If I had to travel this far for something I didn’t enjoy doing then I’m sure I would be hitting that snooze button a lot more(…)

Where’d The Cheese Go?

After talking to one of my friends going to university in Melbourne, JSchool sounds even better then it did last year. Sam (my friend) is travelling two hours a day to and from uni to attend confusing lectures with people who barely talk to him. Comparing this to our three-day week, barbeques and excursions to plays and the opera and(…)

The First Month

The first month of Jschool has been an introduction to a broad range of subjects. John has said to us we are to become “renaissance men” and apart from the likely journalism subjects we have also touched on Greek and Roman History, poetry and modern literature. We are attending a play tonight. This has been(…)