After two weeks away enjoying the lad back lifestyle of the north, it is back to reality but coming back to reality wasn’t a fun experience.  


Here’s a tale of a male at 30,000 feet:


I experienced first hand and I now understand why people want to bring in “fat taxes” on airplanes.


Don’t get me wrong I was always against it and thought that it was a stupid idea but I am now for fat taxes.


The guy sitting next to me was very obese and took up his seat plus half of mine.


I paid for one seat, he paid for one seat yet he got one and a half seats and I only got half a seat.


My mother always told me life is not always fair, well it certainly wasn’t fair that I only had half of my seat when I paid full price for a seat.


In an effort to gain back my half of the seat I started to elbow him but I doubt he even felt it.


So I decided to lean against him, pushing him with all my might to try and get the message across that he was half on my seat but my plan went terribly wrong and ended in me being very red faced and my stomach turning.


He thought I was trying to get close to him in a very friendly way so he started smiling at me with a flirtatious look in his eyes. 


What do you do or where do you go when your 30,000 feet in the air with a fat dude taking up half your seat and thinks you are cracking onto him?


This is when you suddenly remember the book that’s been in the bottom of your handbag all holidays that you’ve been meaning to pull it out and read for the book review that’s due next week becomes your saviour!


Cheers to fat taxes!