Hello everyone.

How are you all? Hope you are all well.

Robyn. It sounds like you’re having fun over in your home country, with your pets and grandma! And i’m glad to hear the wedding went well.

Jo. I hope everything is all going well for you and the children are better? How is the new house, settled yet?

Katrina. I always do that with food, think it’s something it’s not! Anyway… it sounds like you are having a heap of fun at Broken Hill. And how did you crash the BACK of your car whilst travelling forward????? haha.

Mitch. How is the new program on the local Brisbane channel going?

Janni. Are you still alive? haha, joking, because i know you are! How did your internship go? I hope you had fun!

John. How is your holiday going? I bet it’s very interesting and fun, and i expect heaps of photos, oh wait i don’t need to write that, of course there will be!! haha.

Desley. The video on Youtube – soo funny/random!! hahaha. Anyway i hope you’re having a nice break from us naughty little school kids! haha.

Last but not least… Joseph. Look at dare devil you hey! Going through rings of fire in a car! haha. But seriously that’s awesome. And yes i’m sure us three (Jo, Robyn and Myself) will be very excited to hear about female strippers, because we are soo interested in the same sex! haha.

Well anyway now that i have asked how you are all going i will tell you a little about how i am and what this little creature has been up to.

Well i have obviously finished my internship and had an absolute ball. I met so many nice people with the most helpful advice and knowledge. I tried to do my best and i hope i impressed at least one person in the newsroom.

The editor was also away one day and i managed to score his office due to the amount of staff present that day, that’s right, look out! haha.

I had sooo much fun writing stories and loved seeing my name in the paper the next day.

It was a really good experience and i couldn’t have had a better bunch of people to work with.

Now that my internship is over i am working at the good ol’ bakery where i worked through my high school years. I need to earn a bit of money because i have rego coming up and i am in debt from partying.

I’m looking forward to returning to class to see the stories that have been published by my fellow classmates on their internships. And to see the long lost Katrina and Joe again!

Anyway i hope to hear from you all soon.