Despite being sick most of my second week, and having had to go home (or be sent home) early most days, I’ve had an amazing time at ABC. I’ve loved researching science stories, and was able to pull two stories together into research briefs. The firs story I worked on was indoor air quality, which(…)

what not to do on an internship…

GET SICK!!!!!! They asked me to research a story on sick buildings for next year, which was all fine and dandy until I came down with a flue yesterday. The joke is partly on me for researching sick building syndrome, being in a sick building (although theirs is far less toxic than the one I(…)

Week one reflexions

Week one is nearly done, and I must say, I’ve had fun. It only took me a day or two to figure out I was siting beside and across from the reporters (the faces on TV), who by the way, all have cubicles–no special perks. I’ve read more science stories than I can remember and(…)

Internship No 2

Day two of my internship is done and I have to say, I’m loving it. What could possibly be better than researching science stories all day? Catalyst has a staff of about 20 or 25 people to create its weekly half hour program. There are five reporters who present the stories, production people, editors, program(…)

Back home

Okay so I’m sick of planes and airports but it was worth it to see all you guys again. I’m still catching up with myself but was back to work today (public holiday in NSW yesterday). I’m really glad I passed shorthand… how did you all go on Monday? Any shorthand success updates? Work is(…)