Today wrapped up my first week and I have to say, my experience here was a lot more relaxed than Joe’s! Today we all went home around 3:30 – 4 as we got the paper out around 1:30 and then, since its a lobg weekend and the paper doesn’t run unitl Tuesday afternoon, we all went home, or, they went home and Molly and I went to the vet to ascertain damages to old dogs–we have a dental visit booked for next week.

But back to journalism, I can say contacts are important. I was told to write a profile on Amy Sloan. Amy graduated a year ahead of me and just landed a major role in an ABC (North American version) sitcom. Her agent said she was unavailable but when I talked to her mom (who was also my Grade 11 English teacher). Mary said “I’ll phone Amy and have her give you a call.” Amy phoned me half an hour later, gave me a great interview and the story made it in today’s paper! Yeah.

And John, I learnt the value of shorthand as I madly scribble notes this week, while asking people to wait while I caught up. Today, since things were slow, I started practicing.

Cheers all and have a great weekend (even it’s already half over for you guys).