After a dangerous amount of built up nervous anticipation, I have completed week one of my internship and I’m still alive!

Among many things, week one has certainly been an experience worth remembering.

The first couple of days were the most difficult. Somewhat disillusioned and fraught that I didn’t have what it took, I found myself questioning a career in print (newspaper) journalism.

I was warned though by the chief-of-staff that I would arrive to a chaotic scene.

But as the week continued I grew more comfortable in the newsroom and in my own writing ability. Overcoming paranoia that the chief-of-staff and editor were listening and judging my every phone interview was probably the hardest part. Writing the actual story seemed a piece of cake – in comparison that is!

Thursday was undoubtedly the weeks climax. The day’s highlights included meeting and talking to John Fairfax, visiting the printing press and getting an unexpected page-three byline. 🙂

Amid the highs and lows, I am amazed at just how much you can learn in one week. I am fortunate that the staff have been welcoming and have given me a lot of good advice. As one of the photographers said to me:

“Just take everything in your stride and you’ll be fine”.

Good luck for week two Jschool!

(I tried to post this yesterday but wasn’t able to)