Hi from the Red Centre

Hi Jschoolers! I’ve been reading your internship postings from Alice Springs with great interest, after a week in the wilderness incommunicado. Zane — I learnt about the Queensland Liberal Party change of leadership from your blog! You all seem to be having a great time and producing lots of stories. I hope I remembered to(…)

Back in action

Hello folks. Yep it’s me. I realise I have been a bit Lazy McSlackenstein in my offerings so I’ll try and make up for it now. I was fairly exhausted last week, but I’m feeling a bit more energised. Anyway, here is a bit of a rundown of my week at the Australian. Day One:(…)

Take it in your stride

After a dangerous amount of built up nervous anticipation, I have completed week one of my internship and I’m still alive! Among many things, week one has certainly been an experience worth remembering. The first couple of days were the most difficult. Somewhat disillusioned and fraught that I didn’t have what it took, I found(…)