Doing it tough at the beach – someone has to do it!

Doing it tough at the beach – someone has to do it!

“>Day One 18/9 I have enjoyed a great weekend in the region trying to get acquainted with the locals and the region including going to a local historic racing festival where I interviewed a couple of the drivers. This office is smaller than during my last intern and with that also friendlier. Surprisingly this time(…)

Last few DEX days

When I last posted about my DEX work experience it was on a Wednesday, so here is all of the Thursday/Friday action that followed. Well actually Wednesday night was pretty full on, couldn’t sleep all night due to kids playing up outside on bikes, made even worse by their parents shouting out gems like “You(…)

Brisbane News

So, here’s a bit of a rundown of my time at the Brisbane News. Being a weekly publication, there was a bit of a different vibe to the place. Each day just sort of petered out, rather than ending in the flurry that daily papers do. Mind you, things got a bit frantic on Friday(…)

Andrew Bolt gives Prof Henningham a big wrap!

I know he will be embarrassed by my posting this but I think it’s great kudos from a well-known man in the media industry. -> have a look here Politically, I don’t agree with the vast majority of what Bolt says (Liberal Party spokesman, Howard and G.W Bush champion, blaming the harmless Judas Priest on(…)

Good wrap for Jschool in the Oz :-)

What makes a good school of journalism Sally Jackson The Australian, September 21, 2006, p.17 JOURNALISM courses run by the University of the Sunshine Coast, the University of Western Sydney and the private Brisbane college Jschool have been judged the best by their students. All the graduates of those courses who returned questionnaires in the(…)

Not explosive but good none-the-less

Hi all, just thought I’d put a quick few words up about my last few days here at the Grafton Daily Examiner (DEX if you’re in the know). Nothing dramatic like a bomb scare (sounds cool Merrin) but I have been kept pretty busy. The editor here is a cool guy and the news conferences(…)

An explosive start

Yesterday I arrived at the Queensland Times at 10am. Three hours later, I was witnessing the police bomb squad remove a suspicious item that looked like a silver cylinder with a timing device and wires attached being removed from inside the roof of a unit. About five minutes later, I heard a surprisingly loud explosion(…)

No Overkill in Nine Newsroom

The Newsroom is getting back to ‘normal’ after Steve Irwin’s death on Monday. The reporters have been flat over the past couple of days fileing stories for not only Nine News Brisbane but also for the international media, mainly CBS News America. Other reporters have also done LIVE crosses to CNN International from the Newsroom(…)

BIG First Day In Nine Newsroom

Last week, while an intern with Channel Nine’s Extra Program, I witnessed the shock depature of Extra host Rick Burnett after 15 years in the chair. I thought things couldn’t get any bigger, until yesterday 4th September 2006 – a day Australians will never forget. Yes – I was in the National Nine Newsroom when(…)

StK 16.12.108 df. BL 7.15.57

StK 16.12.108 df. BL 7.15.57

For those who missed it, St Kilda made a mockery of their 15 year losing streak at the Gabba to annihilate the hapless Brisbane Lions by 51 points. St Kilda dominated from start to finish, but potential last gamer Michael Voss can hold his head up high after a great performance for the losing team.(…)