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An explosive start

Yesterday I arrived at the Queensland Times at 10am. Three hours later, I was witnessing the police bomb squad remove a suspicious item that looked like a silver cylinder with a timing device and wires attached being removed from inside the roof of a unit. About five minutes later, I heard a surprisingly loud explosion(…)

Take it in your stride

After a dangerous amount of built up nervous anticipation, I have completed week one of my internship and I’m still alive! Among many things, week one has certainly been an experience worth remembering. The first couple of days were the most difficult. Somewhat disillusioned and fraught that I didn’t have what it took, I found(…)

A slap in the face

Last Thursday’s Media Pass Student Day was two things: a slap on the face, and a truly motivating awakening. I came to realise that a career in the media is not merely exciting and challenging but also one of great responsibility. It takes huge tenacity, sheer hard work and most importantly a burning passion to(…)


Hi everybody, I look forward to sharing my experiences over the next few months with you all!