Last Thursday’s Media Pass Student Day was two things: a slap on the face, and a truly motivating awakening. I came to realise that a career in the media is not merely exciting and challenging but also one of great responsibility. It takes huge tenacity, sheer hard work and most importantly a burning passion to be a journalist.

The first question for most people considering a career in journalism is…”Why do you want to be a journalist?” I learnt that the perfect answer according to the panel of prominent journalists on the day would be along the lines of:

“I have an insatiable curiosity of people, places and current affairs, excellent communication skills and general knowledge, top shorthand speed, a passion to make a difference, determination, persistence, the ability to listen, intuit, synthesize and convey information in a representative and ethical way, work under immense pressure to meet deadlines, a willingness to work for peanuts, a tough skin…”

And that’s only half of it. But if all that screams your name then congratulations, you have the makings of a top journalist and I must admit I am very jealous. If it seems just a tad bit overwhelming than can I say thank God I’m not alone!

I’ve always known what it takes to be a journalist but needed to be reminded that it doesn’t come easy. Media Pass Day certainly gave me a good shake and provided fantastic motivation. Persistence is the key and exposing yourself to rejection is all part of the game. In the end I think if you have the talent and passion to be journalist you can’t fail. It’s a recipe for success.

But don’t quote me on that 😉