A Little Extra at Nine Internship

Channel Nine Extra reporter Lisa Honeywill summed it up perfectly: “What a week it’s been for you to do an internship with us.” Its fair to say that the last few days have been the darkest in the shows 15 year history – AND I WAS THERE TO WITNESS IT. The internship course at Nine(…)

Something for Australian football clubs to think about?

Something for Australian football clubs to think about?

From Britain’s The Guardian: It is a sport where men are men, players who go down injured are derided as ‘poofs’… …Yet Manchester City (English soccer team) have decided to challenge football’s taboo by becoming a champion of equal rights, hiring gays to work at its stadium and training ground and attracting new supporters from(…)

Week two and still counting

Day 6 Monday Ecstatic day Today I come into work to see my big two page feature. Nothing like it for the ego. Feels like finally all the work is worth it yeaaahh. Best thing is I wrote 1400 words instead of 900 (asked the editor to tell me which parts she wanted culled) and(…)

Week 2 at the GCB + pics!

Week 2 at the GCB + pics!

Well Monday was the quietest day I had at the GCB, and that’s saying something! Nothing was happening on the scanner, nothing major from the weekend and nothing on the rounds. Because it was quiet, after doing some vox pops I trawled through hansard and found some good stories. They didn’t get a run but(…)


well here it is, sorry it’s taken me so long. the chronicles of my two weeks begins..now So on the first day I was nervous as hell. I woke up around 6 and caught the train out to Ipswich, they didn’t want me intill 10 but I was about an hour early so I could(…)

Sir Paul McCartney

If Sir Paul developed a pokie machine gambling addiction costing him millions, could he say he had been robbed by the one armed bandit and a one legged bandit?

Funny stuff

Funny stuff

Don’t you think its funny that Labor MP Nita Cunningham, the one who quit suddenly due to ill-health, and in effect triggered the election, is the member for Bundaberg? Ill-health, Bundaberg. Ill-health, Bundaberg. Ill-health, Bundaberg… hmmmm I wonder if she checked into hospital.

Week One down, week two to go

Week One down, week two to go

“>Hi everyone, hope your first week has not entirely put you off and instead you are rearing to go week two. Here’s my experiences and as per usual it’s fairly long winded. I’m sure you feel like doing a bit more night time reading! Day One 7 August 2006 Well I don’t know about the(…)

Hi from the Red Centre

Hi Jschoolers! I’ve been reading your internship postings from Alice Springs with great interest, after a week in the wilderness incommunicado. Zane — I learnt about the Queensland Liberal Party change of leadership from your blog! You all seem to be having a great time and producing lots of stories. I hope I remembered to(…)

Back in action

Hello folks. Yep it’s me. I realise I have been a bit Lazy McSlackenstein in my offerings so I’ll try and make up for it now. I was fairly exhausted last week, but I’m feeling a bit more energised. Anyway, here is a bit of a rundown of my week at the Australian. Day One:(…)

Take it in your stride

After a dangerous amount of built up nervous anticipation, I have completed week one of my internship and I’m still alive! Among many things, week one has certainly been an experience worth remembering. The first couple of days were the most difficult. Somewhat disillusioned and fraught that I didn’t have what it took, I found(…)

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