Congratulations Andrew, Danni

Congratulations Andrew on your page 1 story in the latest Independent — “Just too sexy for the mall”, plus your page 4 story on the CBD construction chaos, and also to Danni for your dazzling review of the “Splendour in the grass” music festival.  Well done to you both!


Hi everybody, I look forward to sharing my experiences over the next few months with you all!

Intern jitters

Hi all, this is my first time writing a blog so I am really not sure what to say! It is a week before we are all sent off to our first internship so the class is operating on nervous anticipation. No doubt you will hear more about this in a few weeks.

Blog’s away

Hello everybody, Andrew here. This is the first time I’ve ever been published on the internet. It certainly marks a milestone in my life. Stay tuned for more fascinating insights.

Media Watch

Media Watch should leave poor Justin Koschitzke alone, hasn’t he suffered enough? Although I understand their argument, it is pretty misleading on Media Watch’s behalf. It wasn’t a VFL reserves game, but a VFL senior game. And it wasn’t just any VFL player, it was the AFL star Justin Koschitzke. Because it was Koschitzke (Koz-it-ski)(…)