Gladstone Observer – 6th and final day!

My last day at the Gladstone Observer went much the same as all the other days as I was here. I had to vox pops for the third time – YAY! I also got to write a couple of interesting stories. Upon reflection, every story I’ve written in my time at the Observer has been(…)

Gladstone Observer Day 3

Walking into my third day at The Gladstone Observer I was feeling pretty confident. In the two days previous that I had spent in the newsroom, I had covered some exciting stories over a range of topics. The most interesting story for me, thus far, was interviewing Bruce and Denise Morcombe on their tour through(…)

The Gladstone Observer – Day 1

I woke up at 6:00am on Friday 8 April, and feeling a little unsure of whether I was nervous, anxious, excited or just ready to go back to bed. I was due to start at The Gladstone Observer at 8:00am and was not really certain of what my day was going to look like. My(…)

Journalism and strengths

During the first semester, one of our JR101 assignments was to do an interview in regards to ANZAC day. I interviewed this man who was a former solider during Operation Solace 1RAR. It was my first interview I’d done face to face too, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But he’d discussed his life after(…)

That what have I let myself in for feeling

Back in 2013 I was employed as a photographer at a small, local newspaper in Rockhampton, our manager had decided to offer a free local car review as part of a package to entice local car dealers to advertise with us. Having only 1 full time journalist, a cadet and our editor, the call went(…)

My First Front Page Experience

I had been at my new job as graduate journalist for the Burdekin Advocate in Ayr when I was handed my first opportunity at a front page Townsville Bulletin story. The excitement was ringing through Ayr last Friday after a local won $23 million in the $70 million Gold Lotto jackpot the night before. Being(…)

Is Australia a aircraft carrier for the United States?

I am sure there is a great deal of freedom that Journalists have in Australia but do they have to control their Libertarian views because of Media Moguls such as the “Murdoch” of the United States who virtually dominates or at times over rides his Editors. Appearing before the Cambridge University debating society in the(…)

Daunting Questions

Being it that time of the year, where we’re less than a week out from finishing up the semester, it starts to roll in with the daunting questions, the one I’m referring to mostly is, “what are you going to do once you’re finished?” or even “do you have a plan for your future?” and(…)

Mornington Peninsula: Arizona by the sea

Mornington Peninsula:  Arizona by the sea

The winding, B110-Coast-Road, from Melbourne will take you past, pristine, beaches dotted with colourful, beach-boxes, fish-shops, restaurants and camp-grounds. About, 90km’s south of Melbourne is Blairgowrie’s, Pearse’s Beach, only a five-minute drive from the, natural Peninsula Hot Springs. The end of Victoria’s, bitter, cold winter brings a myriad of pleasant, surprises. A brisk, morning breeze(…)

Never Give Up

Why I Post So Many Media Jobs November 7, 2012 by Kenna Griffin I’ve never worked in journalism during a time of growth, promise or popularity. By the time I was old enough to join the industry, the heyday of Woodward and Bernstein already was faded and the era of commercialized television news was upon(…)

The Buddhists would call this “Karma” what goes around comes around.

Julia Gillard Rushed To Hospital After Overdosing On Schadenfreude. Julie bending over backwards laughing! By The Backburner 4 Feb 2015 – 10:42 AM  UPDATED 4 Feb 2015 – 1:55 PM Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is under observation at Royal Prince Philip hospital after overdosing on schadenfreude, the pleasure derived from witnessing someone else’s misfortune. Gillard was found in her residence(…)


The second Thursday in September is dedicated annually as a reminder to Australians to ask family, friends and colleagues “R U OK?”. This year for the first time the Australian event coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day. People all over the country gathered in their communities to participate in walks with hopes of creating awareness(…)

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