Dangerous and Difficult Times for Journalists.

During, 2014, Israeli-Gaza conflict there seemed to be silence from the foreign journalists reporting from within the Gaza strip during the 50 days of bombings. The following few headlines reveal a small glimpse of what was happening in Gaza. “The death toll among journalists during Operation Protective Edge was staggering.” “Journalists threatened by Hamas for(…)

Story on my mother.

For one of our pieces of assessment for the new semester at Jschool we were asked to write a profile story based on either a stranger, friend, or family memeber. I chose my mother. In this piece of assessment I asked for her permission first to see if it would be fine for me to(…)

The Full Circle Spectrum.

For the past 35 years I have been fascinated by movies and cinematography whether they were made by the independent filmmakers or blockbuster juggernauts. At age 15, I started writing my own feature film scripts for fun but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I would be in movies. I went on to acting(…)

Interviews with my own mother.

  For one of our assessment we had to interview someone with an interesting story I found myself drawn to my own mother. Listening to my mother for the last 35 years I have found her life to be quite remarkable. Growing up in a physically, emotionally and sexually abusive home at a young age,(…)


It usually goes one or two ways when my career response to people is to be a newspaper journalist; “That’s awesome. Good job.” Or, “Why? Newspapers aren’t even going to be around in the future.” The second response, to no surprise, always leads to a heated discussion. Regardless of what the future brings, and contrary(…)

What am I doing here?

It’s 6.30pm and I am sitting at my overcrowded desk, a blank blog screen in front of me and an overwhelming sense of panic. I have 30 minutes to create, from thin air and churning stomach, a blog post that may actually be read by others. After toying with the idea of further studies, I(…)

How is news delivered in 2016?

The way I inhale news is varied. In one instance I am involved, on a local, creative level, in my work with my town’s local newspaper. My part-time position is, officially at least, loosely based on advertising. That is, creating the adverts that clients have requested, and often chasing the content for regulars and offering(…)

It’s un-Australian

We all know unions are unAustralian. Unaustralian? UnAustralian? un-Australian! That’s more like it. Hang on, at the beginning of a sentence it should be Un-Australian, except in this instance it’s not. un-Australian! Bugger. We all know that just like homophobes, poofters, terrorists, racists, families, churches, Halal Certified party pies and the Irish; unions are un-Australian(…)

Working on Radio

Before starting my course in journalism, I started to work at a local radio station as a radio presenter. After eight weeks of working on radio, I have found that it is one of the best jobs i have ever had and it is such a good learning experience which i am sure will come(…)

Finding a Journalist Job in Australia

Hey all I have not long started my diploma in Journalism and so far i am absolutely loving it. I decided to learn Journalism. I have to say since i have started, i have absolutely been hooked, Finally i have found that passion for something and when you have passion for something, You find the(…)

Interviewing a complete stranger

Finding a story is one thing, but when you are asked to approach someone you don’t know to see if there’s a story of interest there, that’s altogether another thing. Okay, everyone as a story! Yes, that’s true but where was I going to get that story? Easy, so I thought, and it usually is(…)

A protest or a prop?

A few weeks before the last elections I went to a local protest rally endorsed by GetUp. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to get a story for Newsbytes. I arrived early about 7.30 am. There were a handful of people already starting to roll in mainly older people wearing hospital gear in(…)

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