A medal of honour for heroic journalists?

The beheading of American journalist in Syria was tragic news. James Foley’s story, although horrific, also serves as a reminder of the important work a journalist does. At least 69 have been killed in the conflict in Syria, including some who died over the border, which is believed to be the deadliest country in the(…)

History judges a society on the treatment of its children

  The world abhors the senseless deaths of the children shot down in the MH17 air tragedy. International condemnation is levelled at the hundreds of fatalities in the Gaza conflict, many of whom are reported to be children. Yet Australia, arguably still the world’s “lucky country” with its high standard of living, wide open spaces(…)

The Science behind simple writing:

The human mind is capable of many things. Comprehending, learning and improving being some of the many. And as journalists we must be capable of perfecting the art of communication, so to speak. There are many disputes and discrepancies on how to divulge our information. (I’m assuming that the audience is intelligent, as I shouldn’t(…)

Hacked Off? Back off.

Is the manner in which Frances Abbott secured a Whitehouse Institute scholarship a contentious one? I am not going to comment, but I do pass on my kudos to New Matilda in attempting to evidence Ms. Abbott’s scholarship as one created especially for her. What is contentious however is the police investigation surrounding the ‘hacking’(…)

Pros and cons for online Journalism:

The Journalism industry is fast-approaching the turnover to technology. With social media becoming mainstream, publishers are now urged to convert from their “ancient” method of delivery to online. Although this has already happened, what challenges will we – as journalists – face in the coming change of delivery? The average reader spends 25 minutes a(…)

Who Takes Care of the Journalist?

Media coverage of the MH17 air disaster has been many things but above all it has been extensive. The public’s thirst for information has been insatiable and journalists from a variety of media have been quick  to provide stories as they unfold. News coverage has raised some ethical issues.  The newspaper which ran with pictures(…)

Media Coverage, Media Bias

For a while now there has been an endless stream of big news stories breaking around the world, with some stories taking centre stage, making a point or illuminating some issue or event before finally fading away, eclipsed by the next new news story. However, and as we have seen most recently with turmoil in(…)

Propaganda in face of MH17

Propaganda. That is what our ‘news’ has come down to. Whilst we in the West laugh at conspiracy theories purported as fact by Russian owned media outlets, in the face of downed MH17, it has become apparent that we also need to have a good hard look at ourselves. Look only to our own national(…)

Twitter grievances

Whilst there is much to be said about the future of political relations between the West and Russia following the event of MH17, something completely undeserving of attention struck me as curious: David Cameron’s use of Twitter in airing grievances. Now the British Prime Minister is a time poor man and I am not attempting(…)


Have you heard of this term? Well it’s been hidden under our noses for the past five or six years. The term is well-known for its physiological implementation. Gamification is the use of gaming concepts and mechanics in non-gaming environments. For instance, when you’re going for a long walk, you may not have motivation. Whereas(…)

Controversies in Gaming

With cases such as Lindsey Lohan suing Rockstar Games, there has never been such a serious defamatory case until now. An ex-dictator is suing Activison over a Call of Duty game. Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega has been portrayed as a kidnapper, murderer and enemy of the state in the best-selling video game: Call of(…)

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