Should I have moved out of the family home by now? I’m 24, turning 25 next month (which I am kind of excited about – is that weird for a grown man to get excited about his birthday?). Most of the time I feel fine about it but sometimes I get these little pangs of guilt for not getting out of Mum and Dads’ hair.

I look after myself pretty well. But the fact is I think I still need them. The luxury of walking ten steps to Dad’s infamous sitting/reflection/reading room to ask his advice on anything is great. Mum’s (I will refrain from saying “nagging”) reminders about things I need to get done are invaluable. And then there’s the cooking – much better than what I can muster.

And they still need me too. I have a severely disabled brother who requires 24-hour care. I help take care of him. And it’s a help for them to have another pair of (extremely muscly…….not) arms and legs to do stuff around the house as they age.

Everyone I talk to has a different opinion on it. I know it’s not uncommon for adult children to remain in the family home until they’re pretty old these days. Most people say just enjoy it while it lasts. That’s kind of what I’m doing! Trying to save up enough so I can move out comfortably. It’s a little hard only working sporadic casual jobs.

Maybe once I finish Jschool I’ll embrace my new-found freedom. But for now it’s lounging back, enjoying good food, pretty cheap board and free internet. Sounds like a holiday, actually. OK, I’m staying.