Well Monday was the quietest day I had at the GCB, and that’s saying something! Nothing was happening on the scanner, nothing major from the weekend and nothing on the rounds. Because it was quiet, after doing some vox pops I trawled through hansard and found some good stories. They didn’t get a run but the Chief of Staff praised my initiative. There was another girl starting work experience (a lady doing her masters with no printed stories…) today so it was decided I was to spend the rest of the week in sport. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to it.

Tuesday was great fun. I’d spoken to the sports guys before so it was a smooth transition. Honestly, it was like sitting around talking to your mates or the guys in your football team. Everyone was joking around, paying eachother out on a whole range of things (code of choice, teams followed, hair cuts, clothes, stories). But when it came to story advice, they were serious and gave really handy advice. They gave good constructive criticism, praised things done well and took time out of their work to lend a hand.

It was hard saying goodbye to my old friend the police scanner, but I eventually got over it. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all pretty much the same. All the sports guys would hop on the computers in the morning, check the wires, emails, etc. Then there was a bit of an open discussion with the sports editor (after he had his morning meeting with editor etc) about stories. He gives some out and everyone usually makes at least a couple of suggestions each.

Then it’s work time! Usually consists of phone calls, driving to Lions or Broncos training, more phone calls, visit some young sports prodigy, more phone calls, booking photographers and finally more phone calls. I had a few good stories published from my time at the sports desk. I could definitely see myself working in an environment like that for a long time!

All the gaps I will fill with my work experience report, and in conversation tomorrow.

I hope I didn’t bore you all with my posts.

ps I nearly forgot the photos.

Here is me pretending to be on a phone call in the police reporters/scanner room

With my back to the scanner room, this is one half of the news room, big hey.

This is the other half (right hand side)

Are you bored yet? Heres a shot of the sports desk.

From another angle.

Ok thats enough from me, there’s a few more pics at photobucket.com, username stkfczane, password jackson. Enjoy. See you soon – Zane