From all speeches presented at the Walkley Forum, it seems that Network Ten has a strong belief in journalism uni students.
Their work experience program, offers for volantary work on weekends and Internships are wonderful opportunities which budding reporters need in order to get their foot-in-the-door.

Ten seems to have the right attitude when it comes to recruiting.
As a journalism student it’s great to know that large organisations like Ten are constantly on the look for fresh, young and talented journalists to join their newsroom.

Ten has signed four Uni graduates who completed their internship program in the newsroom.
This is absolutly huge, as graduates are a chance of gaining employment, straight after Uni.

I managed to have a very insightful chat with Ten News reporter, Sharon Marshall.
I’ve never spoken to a TV reporter in such detail like I did with Sharon.
She was very encouraging, understanding and showed great interest.

I believe it’s fantastic that established journalists get out into the community, attend functions and share their experiences with the public!

Sharon explained that the atmosphere at Ten is great, mainly due to excellent management.
It seems Ten is the place to be with many reporters ‘jumping ship’ from rival networks, the most recent being Jane Hodgkinson from Channel Nine.

So it’s very encouraging to know that television stations…well, Channel Ten anyway are interested in signing up new talent, fresh out of Uni…and hopefully JSCHOOL!!

Well Done Sharon Marshall and Ten News!