Media Watch should leave poor Justin Koschitzke alone, hasn’t he suffered enough?

Although I understand their argument, it is pretty misleading on Media Watch’s behalf. It wasn’t a VFL reserves game, but a VFL senior game. And it wasn’t just any VFL player, it was the AFL star Justin Koschitzke.

Because it was Koschitzke (Koz-it-ski) it has a lot more news value than a normal AFL player, because he was an injured star with a history of shocking unfortunate accidents making his football return (after a fractured skull) via the VFL. And it so happened that in this comeback game he had another bizarre injury, so it’s pretty clearly a story with a higher news value than most football stories. In AFL-mad Melbourne, this probably would have justifiably been the top story for the viewers.

I just think that Media Watch discriminately chose to say VFL reserves and not mention the player’s status in the AFL and his incredible injury history, thus making the story have diminished news value, to further tarnish Channel Nine. I understand why they would think it shouldn’t be the first story, but it definitely ranks high up in the news for Melbournians (and mad St. Kilda fans Aus wide!)