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Week 2 Hervey Bay

One of my problems as a journalist, I believe, is being scared of chasing stories and my tendency to be nice and agreeable. In Quest where I was writing very fluffy feel good stories, I’ve been fortunate to write more news stories at the Chronicle. This means I’ve had to be persistent with getting answers(…)

Week 1 of Hervey Bay – such a weird place

So this week has been interesting to say the least… From a slow start of twiddling thumbs and getting a grasp on the area, I’ve gotten through a couple stories in the paper this week, fluff and actual news. One tip I’ve learnt is to keep calling. If it goes to voicemail, leave a message(…)

Early days of an internship…

Having done an internship previously, the day before I began at Quest I remembered the previous long hours of boredom and annoying busy workers with meagre questions, and I wondered why oh why had I put my hand up for this excruciating form of self punishment. I proceeded to turn up an hour late for(…)