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So far, my internship has gone without a hitch. I’ve added entries into my contact book, overcome my fear of ringing sources and befriended one of the primary photographers. I’ve finished articles, interviewed the paper’s editor and learnt how to use various new computer programs. I’ve resisted the urge to check Facebook, kept my phone(…)

I shook the Mayor’s hand today

Funnily enough, I wasn’t as nervous as I had expected. My first internship just felt like a natural progression – I had done vox pops, written council articles, followed up media releases and improved my shorthand. I was ready to try out my newfound skills in a real print newspaper. So, with only one or(…)


There’s something I have to get off my chest. And that’s the word ‘got’. May I just ask – what does it mean?! According to one dictionary, ‘got’ means “to receive or obtain”. But it can also mean “to catch,” “to become,” “to understand,” “to cause” and “to be in possession of”. Some people praise(…)

My First Origins

“Oooooooooo, break his neck!” Tonight, I lost my rugby-league-ginity. Having been brought up in Adelaide, the phenomenon of the State of Origin only recently penetrated my AFL-dominated world. And what better way to experience my first rugby match than to sit next to a couple of die-hard Queensland fans and to listen to their running(…)

Day Five

It is now five days since I lost my phone. Five days. That’s 120 hours. That’s 7200 minutes. That’s 432 000 seconds. That’s at least two phone calls, several text messages and just a whole lot of… having of my phone. Naturally, being the y-gener that I am, this time has been tough. Especially when(…)

Ready for the weekend

What is it about the weekend? It has inspired many a song (Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ anyone?), it is the first topic to be discussed on a Monday morning and the last topic talked about on a Friday. It even makes an appearance in conversation on a slow Wednesday afternoon. The hangover that everyone, young and(…)

Dancing Feet

I have set my alarm to wake me up every morning with one of my favourite songs – the ‘80s classic ‘Born to Be Alive’ by Patrick Hernandez. It never fails to get me jumping out of bed and singing along to the simple but wonderfully catchy refrain. But as I bopped along to the(…)

The Kindness of Strangers

With Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps, it seems like we will never have to ask for directions again. We can simply post a status update – “I’m lost! LOL! Someone help!” – then only a few seconds later find out how long it will take us to drive or walk to our desired destination.  (…)