Funnily enough, I wasn’t as nervous as I had expected.

My first internship just felt like a natural progression – I had done vox pops, written council articles, followed up media releases and improved my shorthand.

I was ready to try out my newfound skills in a real print newspaper.

So, with only one or two butterflies in my tummy, I followed the editor around on the cursory tour, jumped from computer to computer to find one that worked and eventually sat down to work on my assigned article.

But there was one thing I wasn’t prepared for. And that was the complete and utter silence!

I guess I imagined the office would be a little louder – perhaps there would be the clacking of typewriters, maybe a voice yelling “breaking news!” or possibly even quiet music playing in the background.

Instead, there were the muted sounds of typing, a few phone calls and the distant chiming of the bells on the door when people came in and out.

And the occasional exclamation from the editor when something wasn’t going as planned.

So it was in this calm and quiet environment that I almost nodded off to sleep.


But luckily, I was soon whisked off to an interview with a young nurse and an opening of a new car dealership.

And it was in the backseat of the car between these events that I received many pearls of wisdom.

“Be polite. Be direct and firm, but always be polite.”

“Don’t ever apologise.”

“Don’t cry.”

“Be persistent.”

“Always make contact and always say goodbye.”

“Honesty is the best policy.”

“Don’t make the same mistake twice.”

I took notes furiously in the backseat, feeling only slightly nerdy for writing these things down. Nevertheless, I was determined not to forget any advice I was given.

Then, refreshed from lunch and back in the office, I began researching more story ideas and drafting interview questions.

I emailed, Googled and typed to my heart’s content until – somehow – it was five o’clock.

“You can go whenever you want,” the editor called.

So, I saved all my documents in my very own folder, packed up my paper work, sent one last email and walked out.

Yes, I know, the day doesn’t sound that eventful.

The Prime Minister wasn’t shot, World War Three didn’t break out and the cure for cancer wasn’t discovered.

But, I did get to shake the Mayor’s hand.

I was allowed to hold the camera man’s flash.

I got to share some story ideas.

I was even told my story ideas were good!

So there you have it, folks.

A day that, while not being the most eventful, was the beginning of something I think I’ll love!