Whilst completing my studies in journalism, I have become vastly more aware of the news and media in general. However, for a long time, I feel I have to be honest and admit I’ve been rather ignorant when it comes to the changes surrounding journalism as a whole.

Recently, I had lunch with a friend. In conversation I mentioned I was in the process of completing a diploma in journalism. The response I got confused me. “Really? Journalism? Why on earth would you choose journalism?”

I explained my passion for writing and my dream of creating a career surrounding that passion etc., wondering what was so shocking to her about my choice.

“But journalism is practically dead!” my friend replied. “Think about it!”

Well, think about it I did. I wondered if what she was saying was in fact true, and if I had made a rather stupid decision choosing to study this field.

It made me think about how I personally receive my news each day. I very rarely buy a newspaper, or even visit a proper news website. Much of the time I don’t even watch the news on TV. Instead, I’m ashamed to say, I tend to receive most of my news via social media, i.e: Facebook and Twitter.

I do this, even though it bothers me immensely when I click on a link to a news story via one of these sites, only to be redirected to a clearly rushed piece of writing filled with spelling mistakes and advertising throughout.

So, why do I do it? And if I do it, do the majority of others do it too? Is my friend right? Is real, true journalism non-existent in today’s world?

The truth is, I don’t know. But I do know this – if people like us who are truly passionate about writing and reporting, start to give up on this industry, journalism certainly will be dead in the very near future!

Isn’t it up to us to go that extra mile to restore it? I think so! And therefore, I’m feeling even more pumped to complete my studies.

So, thanks for the feedback ‘negative friend’! Yes, I did choose journalism!