Emma Alberici challenges Mathias Cormann over government’s ‘broken promises’ in plebiscite interview

A “Con” after “Con” from the fiasco with the transfer of Refugees that has finally come to light due to a White House leak to this interview yesterday.

To get rid of Lateline completely due to budget cuts and the moving of 730 Report to a later time in the evening is a great shame. These two Current Affairs programmes are so very essential much like PM and AM produced by Radio National.

The final nail in the coffin which was discussed is to kerb Federal Government employees from commenting on Government “BAD” policy on FB or other Social media is a rather stupid idea.

We as a people who cherish our Democracy should not be accepting any of this behaviour and should come out in numbers through the many mediums available to us to stop George Orwell’s 1984 prediction happening in Australia. The erosion’s of the Libertarian Democratic view is slowly but surely taking place. We need to rise up as a people.

Emma Alberici is a brilliant interviewer in fact she should be Anchoring the 7.30 Report because she asks the tough questions. Leigh Sales has gone a bit cold with her interviewing “Grand Slams” on 7.30 Report i have noticed in the recent past that there are more reports by other Journalists than Interviews by the Anchor. We need to see a few more “one on one” dual’s between the Anchor and the Guest for which the ABC has always been famous. Tony Jones Kerry O’B and Quentin Dempster to mention a few.