What is it that makes the trials and tribulations in the lifestyles of celebrities so popular? How is their daily life anymore exciting than yours or mine?
Scrolling through news sites this morning I find myself inquisitively pausing for an article  titled ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt lactates through silk jumpsuit’. With a cheeky grin and not so fond memories of my own personal experiences in similar situations I hesitantly read on. She quotes her experience as ‘an embarrassing mummy mishap’…. Haven’t we all had one of those? Vomit on the shoulder, vomit on the supermarket floor, spat out food in the hair and yes… milk on the shirt. Been there, done that, times four! But I’m not a celebrity so nobody cares….
Then there’s the hook-ups and break-ups….I could possibly hold my breathe longer than some celebrity relationships have lasted! Some have lasted longer than we may have predicted, and others we wonder why they end. Or do we really care? I continued to scroll on after by brief enlightenment about Jennifer’s breast milk ‘mishap’ to find an announcement that admittedly did surprise and sadden me. After 40 years together (almost as long as I have been alive), the relationship between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy is over. Now this is Newsworthy!