Since the rise of IS militants in the middle east, Muslims around the world (and in particularly Australia) have been the targets of some of the worst racial hatred we’ve seen since September 11.

A dear friend of mine is Muslim, and he recently posted on Facebook saying “I’d like to thank my Facebook community and the people around me for not being narrow-minded and two-faced at a time like this. I really feel for this nation and the people in it. Sure there are minorities from all parties that are trying to ruin this beautiful country and I hate that. My parents evaded Afghanistan for this reason over 20 years ago and have embraced the Australian way of life and it’s culture. I hope nothing like Cronulla happens again, as it will make life difficult for the innocent people all around Australia.” and he is 100% spot on.

I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for the majority of the Australian Muslim community during times likes these. The Muslim friends I have are all such gentle-natured and compassionate people, who have adapted to the Australian way of life and are proud to call Australia home. It truly breaks my heart to hear news stories of Mosks being vandalised and Muslim men and women being abused in the street.

We live in such a culturally-enriched society here in Australia, and it is because of these people that our country is as diverse as it is today, and the majority should not be punished for the actions of the minority.