Searching the Internet for something specific has got to be the most distracting and frustrating part of finding information for me. Frustrating because Google somehow decides what the most fitting results are for my search and distracting because sometimes there is some link that looks way more interesting on the page that I have to click on!

Being of a highly distractible nature, these bonus tidbits of new information satisfy my need to know more but only adds to my frustration because I have lost all that time that I had allocated to my initial search. So I feed my need to learn but fall further behind. And the frustration grows because I still need to find my original information and now I have wasted so much time!!

So, can I lump this all together and make the broad statement that Google is my enabler? It diverts me to distraction, it frustrates me to no end and it doesn’t always answer my queries and instead of being a fast way of finding information it can, for me, be such a lesson in frustration that I give up my search and change topics. So instead of saying that I get distracted and find Google frustrating and blame it for feeding my unhealthy need to procrastinate, I can say that I spend hours grazing on Google but most of these grazes never even scratch the surface.