I had 9 stories published in my first week at the Bully, as it is affectionately known among locals.

The Chief of Staff was relentless in issuing one “pic story” task immediately after the earlier had been filed, and I stayed late a few nights to get them written up.But I was grateful for the experience – there’s no way I would ever have believed I could write 3 stories in a day otherwise!

When I first heard someone who worked at a local paper for years casually mention she would write 5-6 stories every day and sometimes more, I‘d thought she had a sick sense of humour.

Not all articles published in print are available online at the Bully, but here are a couple.

Hundreds join rally on climate change (p.4 in print)

103-year-old Ivy’s Long, happy life down to tennis and travel (p.3 in print)