A climate rally was my first story, published the morning I started. I had gone to a rally about climate change on Sunday, at the esplanade known as The Strand. When I counted over 300 protesters I called the office and pitched the story. I introduced myself to the weekend staff as the new intern and was given the go-ahead to write it up and a photographer was booked for the job. I interviewed the academics who spoke at the rally, and filed the story from my Mum’s car using my phone for internet.

It was a good start to the week for two reasons:

1. I found out I can write in a News Ltd style. I’ve never written for News Ltd before, and apart from having studied the last 14 issues of the Townsville Bulletin front to back over the weekend I’d never read a tabloid daily.

2. It confirmed to me that well organised community events are an excellent source of news, especially those with high profile speakers. It’s very easy to glean a good story when all your sources are standing next to each other ready for an interview, with prepared public statements.