Hi all, just thought I’d put a quick few words up about my last few days here at the Grafton Daily Examiner (DEX if you’re in the know).

Nothing dramatic like a bomb scare (sounds cool Merrin) but I have been kept pretty busy. The editor here is a cool guy and the news conferences in the morning are held openly with the staff, with everyone free to throw in their opinion.

I had a story and a brief in Tuesday’s paper, and today I got my first front page, so I was pretty happy about that. It spilt over into page 4 and took up half that page so it was a pretty big piece. It was about a local man’s experience with prostate cancer, how he set up a support group and is trying to raise the awareness of it etc. And another story in so it’s all going well.

I’ve done a fair amount of stories with no real time constraints as such so I have a good bunch of stories ready to go.

I’m staying in a pretty shoddy motel room though, in a caravan/motel place. Maybe I should have known when they didn’t have pics on the net. No kitchen facilities (‘cept for kettle and toaster) and the ‘ironing facilities’ amounted only to one iron. I was hoping for an ironing board, as it clearly says facilities, meaning plural – being more than one. The mongrels.

Plus it’s the size of a shoe box but alas the bed is comfortable so I can’t complain too much.

It might seem like I’m being a bludger on here but I’m typing really fast, doing lots of stories has got my speed up exceptionally quickly.

Ok no more from me.

Over and out