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My last 3 days at the GCB

Well bearing in mind I was with the police reporters for the week, I’ll start by quoting the chief police reporter – “This was one of the slowest crime weeks we’ve had in years, sorry mate.” That sums it up pretty well, my last few days have been quiet but I’ve had the chance to(…)

First two days at the GCB

Firstly, I would like to give a big HELLO to my Jschool peers. I hope it is all going ok for you all, with the array of newspapers we are at I’m sure we’ll all have cool different stories to tell when we get back to class. Day One Needless to say when i turned(…)

QLD: The Regressive State

Good old Queensland, just when you thought we were catching up on the two decades worth of progress we missed out on under dictator Joh, our regressive nature comes back to kick sensibility and forward thinking right up the backside. The people of Toowoomba this weekend had the chance to show Australia that hey, we’re(…)

The Walkley media forum – what a disaster

No, “what a disaster” isn’t a description of the night, but the name of the forum we attended on Thursday night (Thursday 27th July to be exact). Moderated by Channel 10’s Cathy Border, the forum what a disaster: assessing media coverage of trauma and tragedy was informative, entertaining and insightful thanks to heartfelt and honest(…)

Media Watch

Media Watch should leave poor Justin Koschitzke alone, hasn’t he suffered enough? Although I understand their argument, it is pretty misleading on Media Watch’s behalf. It wasn’t a VFL reserves game, but a VFL senior game. And it wasn’t just any VFL player, it was the AFL star Justin Koschitzke. Because it was Koschitzke (Koz-it-ski)(…)