Have you heard of this term? Well it’s been hidden under our noses for the past five or six years. The term is well-known for its physiological implementation.

Gamification is the use of gaming concepts and mechanics in non-gaming environments. For instance, when you’re going for a long walk, you may not have motivation. Whereas implementing game mechanics such as levelling-up or rewards for walking would not only encourage you, but also make you want to do it.

The concept is un-revolutionary for some. However I beg to differ; as it’s already happening. Do you shop with a loyalty card? – Gamification. Are you rewarded with Frequent-flyer points when you shop? – Gamification.

Some experts say that the last decade was the era of Social media and Internet. And this decade is the era of Gamification.

Who knows what will happen, maybe our schools will boost education using this concept? We’ll soon find out, maybe…