It seems there’s a lot of journalism students around the world blogging about their j-school experiences. Here are some we’ve found…

A J-School Year (University of South Carolina)

JMCWeb (San Jose State University)

The Ten Month Beat (Columbia University, New York)

The-Tabloid Blogspot (Columbia School of Journalism)

Online Journalism Review (Annenberg School of Journalism, Southern California)

The Pod Blogspot (Concordia University, Montreal)

Ryan Sholin’s J-School Blog (San Jose State University)

Ryerson Review of Journalism Blog (Ryerson University, Toronto)

Ehub Journalism Interns (University of Kansas)

JoMC Weblogs (University of North Carolina)

What’s Wrong With the J-School? (University of Queensland)

Westminster Journalism: Selected Blogs (University of Westminster)

The Editorialiste (New York)