Jschool 2009

It all went quiet…

Not much to say. Tuesday is the start of the working week for the crew at the Sunday Herald Sun and it was to see a massive turnout. It wasn’t till about two in the afternoon that the room started to fill and the eager click-clacking of keyboards was heard all around. Got to pitch(…)

I killed a fish, and a wizard revived it

The second day of my internship challenge started with covering a Scouts story, which my supervisor Shirley gave me in the morning. Simultaneously, I have to chase another story about the difficulties the international students of University of the Sunshine Coast. I spent all the day making phone calls and writing those articles. Those processes(…)

The night before the chicken died

A great dying time is completed. It is time for rebirth and positivism. It is time for footy finals, it is time to make the Australian cricket team, it is time to write, the time is 5.52pm.   I am here wrapped woolen yet brisk, the outside chill of Naracoorte has forced me to quit(…)

Adrian @ The QT

Adrian’s QT Experience. Day Uno (I’m only going to do the Spanish thing for the first… 5 days, then I’m out. I might try Latin after that.) So, My first day. I rock up. Editor isn’t there. CoS isn’t there. Today is their first day in their new office so everyone is at their new(…)

Vox pop, thy true name is devil

Sitting in the Mx offices finishing a little article on Neighbours characters getting their on Twitter accounts, I get whisked off by a reporter and a photographer to do a vox pop 40 minutes before deadline. The subject: “Wankiest suburb in Melbourne” The mission: Get seven responses each in St Kilda during the middle of(…)

Ohhh… Feature Story….

My first day of internship at the Sunshine Coast Daily passed like the storm which hit here today. I mean it was too fast to pass to clearly remember what happened. My supervisor, Ms Shirley Sinclair, gave me an assignment to write a feature story on the experience of international students staying in Australia as(…)

A possible radical change in Japanese political world – Part 2

Quiz 1: What is the similarity between Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gilard and ABC NEWS presenter Juanita Phillips? Answer: they change their own haircuts frequently. Quiz 2: What is more changeable in Japan than their haircuts? Answer is: Japanese Prime Ministers. Looking back at the history of Japan’s political world since the end of the(…)

Day one at The Herald

The torrential rains over night have stopped, main street Naracoorte is slowly filling with the sound of steel tray utes and beef road trains. I am 10 minutes late for my first day at the Herald….shit!! This is the production team my boss tells me, work station carrels, lay out sheets and the smooth grey(…)

Best laid plans of mice and men

I had taken the back way, a long and descending trek down Jubilee Tce and around Mt Coot-tha towards Ipswich on the journey home. For as long as I remember country radio had never been my taste, but today it would all seem too fitting. After a short trip around Ipswich heading north when I(…)


I just got the joke in the Style book about clichés. It’s not subtlle either, I just wasn’t looking for it. It’s pretty good. Excerpt from News Ltd Style Book Third Edition CLICHES These should be avoided (like the plague). End Except. Get it? Get it!? ‘Cause it’s a cliché! I think it was the(…)

Rules for returning expats in Brisbane

Pretty much any old fool would think he could survive back in his own country after a spell in the Orient.  However, there are a few details to being a returning expat in Brisbane. 1. Remember traffic lights are there for a reason in this country.  Crossing the road and weaving through traffic doesn’t work(…)


The saying ‘a smile costs nothing’ has become so clichéd it brings a frown to my face. I don’t wish to be controlled at the best of times, let alone be forced by social conformity to show kindness to complete strangers. If I don’t know you, do not expect to be greeted by me. If I(…)

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