Jschool 2009

Friday – Toughest and Most Wonderful day

Fridays are happiest and busiest days every week. Blue and white collar workers works as hard as possible to finish their Friday’s jobs as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s and to enjoy happy and relaxing weekdays. The staff at the Sunshine Coast Daily are also working so hard that they cannnot chat with their colleagues(…)


Not being able to come up with a new idea is a major hassle. Scratch that. Not being able to come up with a good idea is a major hassle. Everything I follow up just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I’m starting to think I’m cursed. Although bylines aren’t coming thick and fast I am(…)

Following a photographer

On the fourth day, I had an interesting opportunity to go out to follow the photographer John to take some photos of people who enjoyed nice and warm spring days of the beach. Some people seemed to have fun having ice creams, picnicking, or swimming at a bit cold water with their family, steadies or(…)

Adrian @ The QT: The Phantom Menace

Yeah, sticking with the Star Wars theme, no particular order, no particular reason, it just seems better than numerically listing them. So, the last day of the first week. Day Cinco. The ol’ Friday at the mill. The last dip at the swimmin’ hole. So I turn up and to my delight I am once(…)

The Norman Gunston Rap

You may have seen me on the street Tripping over my own two big feet On my very own news beat   I’m the real life Norman Gunston, Gunston, Gunston, Gunston Yeah   I’m the real life Norman Gunston   What’s that you want a proof? Mate your camera’s got no flash! Oops Sorry Excuse(…)

Five litres of caffeine

I sit here now, toasty by the fireplace, dog asleep at my feet, typing about one of the most extraordinary, and seemingly, shortest weeks of my life. Day Five over.  More press releases and story ideas given to me.  More given right back after being researched, cut, slabbed, and pasted.  Another sports team, another community(…)

Adrian @ the QT: The Empire Strikes Back

Yeah. I went there. Star Wars reference, check. So, Days Dos, Tres and Quattro today (still going Spanish, I think its sinco tomorrow? after that I’m gone). Lets start at the start of the spot where I ended at the end of the last blog and not start at the start of my internship because(…)

The Telephone Express

Bad flight, worse landing, off the tarmac and down the loneliest highway on the coast.  Family waiting in the home with open arms in class-two mansion. And then, after two days getting pampered, off to the Express Advocate for a week’s internship.  Arrival in the front hall and greeted warmly.  PA blares in the newsroom(…)

Full of excitement!

On the third day, I have lots of fun at the Sunshine Coast Daily. I had a look at an interesting process of the photo modification and newspaper design. Very kind and gentle staff gave me detailed explanations. I had wrote a story on my life and perspectives to Australian culture and customs. The expression(…)

Another day

Working on my stories today. Two have fallen through so that’s leaves one which is being held up by PR people. Hopefully I can make it through their barrier and get the gold. Got an interesting talk from the CoS about how to lay out a newspaper; mixing it up the content especially with a Sunday(…)

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