Jschool 2007

Coming together or unravelling fast…

I was going to write something serious but that entry of yours Tameka is going to be hard to beat! laugh. But in all seriousness, as the first semester gears up for a splash ending–hearing the Dalai Lama talk–I’m struggling to keep tabs on everything that’s going on, not to mention my huge backlog of(…)

Silly things that annoy me….. haha

Just some funny things that annoy me and i presume most people… enjoy… 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time..I know where my watch is pal, where is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off(…)

Hey All

So I’ve had a terrible start to the week but I hope you all had fun at parliament today… and I’ll see you there tomorrow. Time is definately flying by…. we’re almost halfway through the year! Is anyone doing internships during the mid-year break like Joe and myself? It’s only a month till I’ll be(…)

Sunday Night and finally getting on top of assignments, stories and teeline practice. AND got to blog first time ever since the invention of computers. Next will be my typing! Looking forward to a big week at Parliament, maybe council again and of course the opera. Not forgetting the iron fist of Desley on Wednesday…(…)


At the start of semester, we all attended a career fair for journalism students. Every presenter emphasized and re-emphasized the need to do internships and get practical experience. Nothing pads a resume better than hands-on knowledge. Of course, real experience can sometimes be harder to find than it sounds. I had a really lucky break(…)


I’ve been to a few government sessions over time and always found them rather boring. Fearing that I might not stay awake, I armed myself with a large coffee and lots of doodle paper. For once, I was proven wrong. Water and climate change (issues near and dear to my environmental heart were on the(…)

Lessons in Grammar

One of the first things we learnt at JSchool was grammar. It was also one of the many appealing things about the course coming from Canadian curriculum where they no longer teach basic English. And doing my studies in French didn’t help my spelling either. I can never remember if there are “es” on the(…)

Hello JSchool?

Was I the only one that heard John say to post on the blog or are you all having technical difficulties? I’ve been waiting to respond to something all break but nothing was posted!!! Where are you JSchoolees? Hope everyone is well and I shall see you in the morning. Katrina

MEAA Student Industry Day

So today we all went along to the Alliance student day at the library. Even though I still wasn’t feeling the best, I found the day informative and interesting. It was good to hear about how journalists got their foot in the door (even if the beers scenario can’t work that well for me). It(…)

The Art of Shorthand

I was working away on my homework this weekend and trying to set up video conferencing with my brother and my mom back home. Glitches abounded but we eventually got it working and my mom was ecstatic about being able to not only talk to me but also see me. She promptly held up her(…)

Differences in Newspaper Styles

On a more journalistic theme, I had the opportunity to read the Australian military newspaper today. It was a good way to pass time while I waited for my friend. While they used the same attention grabbing intros that we’ve been discussing, the flavour of the stories was complete different. The daily newspapers tend to(…)

Globe Hopping

As one of two northern hemisphere folks and the only person in this years class who has not been to Australia before, I’ve decided that my primary area of extracuricular activity should focus on travelling around and seeing Australia (hope John approves). But seriously, as much as politicians are entertaining (I can say that, I(…)

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