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The Courier-Mail

David Stuart, thank you for making us do those vox pops in Queen Street Mall. I felt well practised on my first day at The Courier-Mail when I was sent out with photographer Jono to find people for the The Word on the Street section. “Do you think you’re healthy enough?” was the question of(…)

The Age (Part 2)

In my second week at The Age, I felt a bit more confident and at home. Even though there was a “hot desking” system in which people were supposed to sit at different places each day, I went to the same spot each time and I didn’t see anyone else shift very far. I was(…)

The Age (Part 1)

It began with AFL. I’d gone down to Melbourne thinking that I should know a little bit more about the state’s religion but had not put in the time. Then, my very first task at The Age was to write a story about a glitch on one of the ticketing websites ahead of the final(…)