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the lady in pink…Wednesday

the lady in pink…Wednesday

Yesterday I met Frances Whiting, a loud talking, bubbly feature writer with a penchant for winking across the office desk partitions. She’s hard not to pay attention to when she walks into a room as she has this energy that shoots out from her like lazer beam. I liked her instantly. She invited me to come(…)

my last day… until next week

Friday started out disappointingly. I missed two of the writers going out to cover stories. One was a feature on local veggie patches which we had talked about earlier in the week and the other was a court case where a mother had let her twins starve to death. Both of these would have been(…)

naked – to be or not to be…day 4

naked – to be or not to be…day 4

No driving for me today thank god. I met Russel at the office at 9am for our little adventure to the Sunshine coast. The drive was relatively uneventful, just a good opportunity to chat with Russel about the industry. We were picking up our subject up from Beerwah station, his name was Kenneth. Ken was a(…)

food and coffee and food and coffee and food…day 3

food and coffee and food and coffee and food…day 3

So today I drove up to Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton which is on Brisbane’s bayside to the south. It was a much shorter drive than yesterday and really pretty too, I could see myself living out there. Restaurant Lurleens, where we were taking the photos, sits on top of one of the rolling hills and(…)

roadtrip…day two

I drove all the way to Currumbin (which took a lot longer than Google Maps told me it would) for our 10am photoshoot. I met Laura, who does the fashion pages for Qweekend, at Currumbin Vikings Surf Life Saving Club on the beach. So far the weather seemed to be holding out, we even had(…)

and everything went to plan…

Day One at Qweekend ran like a well-oiled machine. I arrived on time at exactly 9am along with three other interns (and yes I was worried that they would be in the same department and it would be like scene out of Gossip Girl, complete with perfume in the coffee style sabotage) but as we(…)

Internship Blog

Better late than never. Day 1 It was a public holiday so when I showed up everything was locked. I had a moment of panic when I thought maybe it was Sunday and I’d gotten all dressed up for nothing. I called the office and Brian Semmens, my Editor for the week, came and opened(…)