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Gladstone Observer – 6th and final day!

My last day at the Gladstone Observer went much the same as all the other days as I was here. I had to vox pops for the third time – YAY! I also got to write a couple of interesting stories. Upon reflection, every story I’ve written in my time at the Observer has been(…)

Gladstone Observer Day 3

Walking into my third day at The Gladstone Observer I was feeling pretty confident. In the two days previous that I had spent in the newsroom, I had covered some exciting stories over a range of topics. The most interesting story for me, thus far, was interviewing Bruce and Denise Morcombe on their tour through(…)

The Gladstone Observer – Day 1

I woke up at 6:00am on Friday 8 April, and feeling a little unsure of whether I was nervous, anxious, excited or just ready to go back to bed. I was due to start at The Gladstone Observer at 8:00am and was not really certain of what my day was going to look like. My(…)

Internet trolls

Internet trolls

Wimbledon recently wrapped up with Serena Williams taking out the title for the sixth time. Amazing right? The woman just won her sixth Wimbledon, her 21st Grand Slam Title and cemented her World Number One ranking. Instead of celebrating yet another of Serena’s career milestones, people choose to take aim at her appearance, saying she(…)

Oh to be a kid again.

Oh to be a kid again.

When I was a child, all I wanted to do be was an adult. As an adult, I often dream about having the same simplicity in life as children do. You wake up with breakfast waiting for you. You get driven to school where you spend the day with your friends, eat your packed lunch(…)