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Queensland Media Awards

Queensland Media Awards

“>“> “> Media Awards On Saturday night our class, including our auspicious leaders John and Delsey, rocked up to the Queensland Media Awards to cause some havoc. It was a bit of an end of year hurrah as we were to graduate the following Monday. I have to say it is quite sad to think(…)

Doing it tough at the beach – someone has to do it!

Doing it tough at the beach – someone has to do it!

“>Day One 18/9 I have enjoyed a great weekend in the region trying to get acquainted with the locals and the region including going to a local historic racing festival where I interviewed a couple of the drivers. This office is smaller than during my last intern and with that also friendlier. Surprisingly this time(…)

Week two and still counting

Day 6 Monday Ecstatic day Today I come into work to see my big two page feature. Nothing like it for the ego. Feels like finally all the work is worth it yeaaahh. Best thing is I wrote 1400 words instead of 900 (asked the editor to tell me which parts she wanted culled) and(…)

Week One down, week two to go

Week One down, week two to go

“>Hi everyone, hope your first week has not entirely put you off and instead you are rearing to go week two. Here’s my experiences and as per usual it’s fairly long winded. I’m sure you feel like doing a bit more night time reading! Day One 7 August 2006 Well I don’t know about the(…)

Student industry day – quotes galore

There is not a lot to add to whatever has already been said. I agree with all in saying the student industry day was excellent and an absolute must for final year journalism students. Where were they all? Every speaker on the day contributed some piece of advice which was useful. Firstly a tip or(…)

A taste of trauma

After a rewarding Media pass student day we took a leisurely walk (although some would argue otherwise) along the river – destination the Walkley forum at the Regatta. Apparently last year the launch was really just a night of free drinks and nibbles and not a lot more so that is pretty much what I(…)

Intern jitters

Hi all, this is my first time writing a blog so I am really not sure what to say! It is a week before we are all sent off to our first internship so the class is operating on nervous anticipation. No doubt you will hear more about this in a few weeks.