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A week at the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald

When I first walked through the door of the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald I was relieved that it did in fact look like a newspaper office. The previous week’s papers were piled up in every corner and story plans and ideas were scribbled over the white boards. It gave me a little tingle to be(…)

Excellent advice in abundance- The MEAA Student Industry Day

Free advice from respected journalists, a free lunch, and free membership to the MEAA yesterday: absolutely priceless. Puns aside (and cliché’s condemned), the speakers at yesterday’s Media Pass Student Industry Day gave an inspiring insight into the profession of Journalism. To call Journalism a profession is in fact misleading. As one of The Courier-Mail’s political(…)

Thank you, Mr Rudd

When KRudd announced he would put a massive tax hike on cigarettes I actually applauded him. Money. It truly is everything. I was already scrounging through the coin box in my car to pay for my next packet of cigarettes without thinking twice. It had never crossed my mind how ridiculous and desperate I would(…)

Is TV to blame for our increasingly violent society?

Often we hear complaints that our television airwaves are full of violence and that it is harming our society. They argue we are becoming so desensitised to violence in our entertainment that we are becoming more violent in our behaviour as a result. While it may be true that our airwaves are indeed full of(…)

Are IPods killing radio?

There is little doubt that radio is one of the most intimate forms of media. It is accessible at any time, and nearly any place. It equally informs and entertains us, without any effort on our part. Best of all, it is free. Up until a decade ago it was an expensive, limiting, and sometimes(…)

The new reporting restrictions on the Australian media

When it comes to reporting the courts, Australian journalists already deal with many restrictions as to what they are legally permitted to publish and on the amount of information they are given access to. They face not only limited reporting potential but also confusion when they cross the state borders; the rules on court reporting(…)