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Day four, Sunshine Coast Daily.

Day four: Something different today as I was able to get out and about with the photographer. We drove around and photographed a few bits for different stories, and also did a photo essay on a local business. It’s been cool to be able to see all the different sides to the newspaper industry, not(…)

Sunshine Coast Daily: Day three

Day three: Today I got to go out and about, I drove to Sippy Downs to conduct an interview with a great source for a story I am writing. It was nice to have an interview face-to-face for a change, when usually they are just over the phone. Also nice to get out of the(…)

Second day at the daily

Day two: An early start to the day was worth it as I was able to sit in on a staff meeting to start off the day. It was very interesting sitting among reporters and journalists as they spoke of current events and ideas of how to create an exciting newspaper for the day ahead.(…)

Day one at Sunshine Coast Daily

Day one: Nervous and not knowing what to expect I started the first day of the week with an orientation of the Sunshine Coast Daily, the offices and where everyone works. This has been my first stint working in the field of Journalism, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The offices are(…)

but is it really terrorism?

We see it in the news daily, that awful word TERRORISM, but when does an act of violence or selfishness suddenly become an act of terrorism? There are times, for example this weeks tragic event in Nice, when the ‘terrorist groups’ claim responsibility for the act of terror, yes, to me this is when we(…)


Waking up on Bastille day with a smile on my face, I reach for my phone to send my best friend a photo of unforgettable bastille memories, a day of picnicking underneath the Tour Eiffel with a bottle of wine, French cheese and bread, a day I will think fondly of for a life time.(…)