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OMG day at Quest!!

My second last day here, still got a lot of stories to finish and maybe a few new ones will come up. The day has gone to the normal plan, just ringing people chasing things up including a charity golf day which is an awesome story for juvenile diabetes, so people in the Wynnum area(…)

Day 2 of my last week…

The second day of my last week at Quest Newspapers started out pretty quiet with only one pending story but was waiting on a source. But I did get to see my pieces that got a run in the paper, I had my favourite segment from last week ‘Anatomy of a Champion’ published in a(…)

1st week at Quest Mt Gravatt!

First blog since last Tuesday because my internet at home crashed 🙁  My first week at Quest was quite a good experience and I understand why people think one week is too short for an internship because towards the end of the week I began to get into the routine of getting things done and(…)

On a Quest…

I have never been so nervous in my life, when I had my first day at Quest Mt Gravatt which covers the Southern Star, South-East Advertiser and Wynnum Herald. However I would be doing most of my work for the SE Advertiser. I was shown around the place on Monday by the South-East Advertiser Editor,(…)