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It’s raining mayors…

I’ve gone from a mayor-drought in Brisbane to a veritable mayor-flood here in Melbourne. Whereas Brisbane is a one-mayor town, where the elusive Campbell Newman sits enthroned behind a Kafkaesque labyrinth of media advisors and endlessly transferred phone calls, apparently in Melbourne mayors are a dime a dozen. In fact, you practically can’t walk down(…)

Day Three at The Age

The last thing I want to do right now is write! I’ve got a headache from staring at a computer screen all day, so I think I’ll just do a brief update on my time at The Age so far. So far it has gone quite well – I’ve already got a couple of by-lines(…)

Internship: Final thoughts (and advice for the next mob)

I thought I’d share a couple of final thoughts about my experience, especially to help any 2011 Jscholars that are more sensible than me and actually checked the blog out before starting. I’m not sure how successful I was there. The editor was quite generous in his assessment, but we’ll have to wait to see(…)

Internship: Day 5

Dudes. Chicks. Just got home after finishing up day 5 of the internship. I have this strange, unexpected feeling of accomplishment about the whole thing, which I didn’t expect to have. Today I was hoping to have a pretty cruisy one, finishing off a couple of things I’d started on Thursday, but I made the(…)

Internship: Days 1-4

OK dudes and chicks, here goes my first blog post on the internship. I was going to leave it until tomorrow and do a whole week wrap-up until I finally read John’s letter and realised it was supposed to be an on-going thing, oh well. My week has been pretty up and down, but at(…)

Reflections on first ever face-to-face interview

Last Friday I interviewed a guy called Jonathan Brand. He’s an actor who is currently involved in the Queensland Theatre Company production of Waiting For Godot, not to be confused with the international production of the same play now showing in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. I was fairly nervous about the whole thing because(…)