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Week at the Courier Mail

Mon 9 Dec Having already had a week at the Gold Coast Bulletin, I felt like an ‘old hand’ at being the new girl, but there was definitely that little bit of fear of the unknown when arriving at The Courier Mail.   I was given the grand tour and then seated near one of(…)

Day one at The Tweed Daily

Day one at the Tweed Daily I phoned the day before starting and was told to come in with a few story ideas. I checked out the local council website, read some news from the area, came to grips with what was happening and then scribbled down all my ideas. First up, gave my story(…)

One week at the Bully

Talk about thrown in the deep end! I have just completed my first week of internship at the Gold Coast Bulletin and it has certainly been busy. I have been the week’s ‘Voxie’ girl, approaching people about all sorts of things from Christmas lights, to being labelled a bogan by the local MP. I have(…)