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Brisbane News

So, here’s a bit of a rundown of my time at the Brisbane News. Being a weekly publication, there was a bit of a different vibe to the place. Each day just sort of petered out, rather than ending in the flurry that daily papers do. Mind you, things got a bit frantic on Friday(…)

Back in action

Hello folks. Yep it’s me. I realise I have been a bit Lazy McSlackenstein in my offerings so I’ll try and make up for it now. I was fairly exhausted last week, but I’m feeling a bit more energised. Anyway, here is a bit of a rundown of my week at the Australian. Day One:(…)

What a disaster

Following our appearance at the student day we headed to the Regatta Hotel in Toowng for a Walkley forum with a focus on Journalists covering traumatic situations. While common sense tells us most people who witness horrific events are bound to be effected, apparently this attitude has been seen as a weakness in many news(…)

Student day 27/07/06

As you will have gathered from my clasmates’ entries, last Thursday saw Jschool attend the MEAA’s student day. Held at the Brisbane Art Gallery, the series of forums gave Journalism students the chance to meet and get advice from industry insiders. Not wanting to repeat my classmates’ observations, i found the day interesting, useful and(…)

Blog’s away

Hello everybody, Andrew here. This is the first time I’ve ever been published on the internet. It certainly marks a milestone in my life. Stay tuned for more fascinating insights.