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From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

Final day started without hiccup, got ready faster and earlier than normal and made my way to the train. All the paper’s staff, including the editor were busy with deadline so I wasn’t given as much to do. All-round a pretty slow day and it was quite sad to leave in the end. The staff(…)

First day at Caboolture

Once more into internship, the first day started with a malfunctioning alarm, leaving my mobile at home, go card scanners scamming me and a train that went so slowly it actually moved backwards at one point. Surprisingly it bothered me little, and I arrived just on time. After the usual introduction I was assigned a(…)

Blog post – Days two, three and four

Blog post day 2 Today was the second day of my internship, And it seems things are well and truly getting into gear. Right off the bat I joined the paper’s reporters in a media conference, it was exactly how they are portrayed in movies, although a little more laid back. Thankfully I was able(…)

Internship – Day One

The first day of my internship started with a one and a half hour bus ride filled with strangely behaving individuals, and it somehow seemed shorter than the half hour train ride I normally take to college. From the moment I woke up and got out of bed I was sure that today was the(…)

First blog

Late to the party I would have thought starting three weeks late in a course would have been a disadvantage, a week later I’m working as if I hadn’t missed a beat. It’s a testament to the people at the head of Jschool. Straight to the point We haven’t wasted any time in jumping straight(…)