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Changing Perspective

CHANGING PERSPECTIVE An Idiots Guide:Part 2 My inability to do nothing has been a problem throughout my life, the biggest symptom being boredom. Luckily for me, there is almost always something to do in a newsroom with an editor, a journalist and a sports journalist who is there twice a week.  On my first day(…)


AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOU JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP: PART 1 As I stepped out my front door on Tuesday the 4th of September I put myself into auto-pilot mode and made my way to Ipswich news feeling completely unprepared. I had finished work at 5pm the evening before when the reality(…)

Crazy Gravitation

Walking home from work today I had one question on my mind; do I attract the crazy people, or do they attract me? Although this question has only arisen after working 5 months in the infamous ‘Fortitude Valley’ my apparent gravitational force affecting crazy people started long before this year. In fact related memories stretch(…)