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5th and final day.

So by friday I was feeling pretty good. The work load had intensified slightly and the big push to get the weekend edition out was very exciting. My day went like this: Got to the office early, wrote some briefs from  once large pile of press releases that was now smaller. Went to the news(…)

Day 3 at the QT

So day 1 and 2 ended. I don’t know how but they did and I had written stuff and even said something slightly relevant at the news conference. I was beginning to unclench. Vox Pops were being thrown at me like Australian backpackers throw tomatoes at La Tomatina in Valencia. In the 5 days I(…)

QT = Not seeing the sun for 5 days.

My pallid complexion will tell you that the only light I have seen recently is from the mournful glow of a computer screen. Windows seem to be at a premium in a newsroom reserved for the front door and the toilet. But I was so busy my brain relegated any thoughts of the birds and(…)

Shameless self-promotion or job desperation? Perhaps both.

Well I will cut to the chase. Here is the link to my blog… roblockyear.blogspot.com. I was thinking of calling it Lockyear’s World as a homage to John Simpson but thought that might have been a little bit egoistic. The ease with which a blog can be created scares me a little bit. Anyone can(…)


Hey wow theres my story in the paper! Oh look its got my name under the title and everything! Ah thats so exciting! Ooh that intro is a bit clunky but thats ok i’m still in the paper! Um not really sure what I meant by that but oh well. Oh crap I attributed that(…)

On journo speak

First stories are in and somebody already pulled me round the corner and said “this is totally off the record.” I tried not to giggle and say something stupid like “that’s just what people say in the movies” and frantically scribbled the juicy yet totally irrelevant details. Investigations with my hood Buffy have been fun and(…)