Day two:

An early start to the day was worth it as I was able to sit in on a staff meeting to start off the day.

It was very interesting sitting among reporters and journalists as they spoke of current events and ideas of how to create an exciting newspaper for the day ahead.

The editor went though a checklist of stories that would be in todays paper and the online side of the newspaper is organised by what will go live each hour throughout the day.

Today I am working on a Getting out story, again for the Saturday paper. I am writing about the stunt industry and how someone could go about getting his or her foot in the door as a stunt person.

This task proved to be more difficult as most of the people I have tried to get in touch with are not answering their phones!!

Tomorrow I have an interview with a Sunshine Coast local who attended a stunt course last year, it will be interesting to hear his stories.

I have been inundated with emails now for feature stories for the markets section, everyone replied to my emails after work yesterday (of course) but if there isn’t enough time in this internship to get them all done, I might just follow up on my own accord.

All of that and its only lunchtime! Busy work being in a newsroom!