During, 2014, Israeli-Gaza conflict there seemed to be silence from the foreign journalists reporting from within the Gaza strip during the 50 days of bombings.

The following few headlines reveal a small glimpse of what was happening in Gaza.

“The death toll among journalists during Operation Protective Edge was staggering.”
“Journalists threatened by Hamas for reporting use of human shields.”
“Trapped in Gaza: How Hamas punishes reporters for the truth.”
“Journalists Bullied, Threatened by Hamas for Revealing Truth.”

The Press were restricted in reporting what they witnessed during their time in Gaza and if they did (Tweet) report they were threatened continuously online or intimidated until the reports were deleted.

Hamas controlled the media in what was aired, photographed and written, designed to influence the perception of viewers around the world against Israel- a propaganda war.

With the ongoing fear that some foreign journalists faced that they could be abducted, restrained or even killed has left them both emotionally and physically affected.

Muslims believe that the Koran gives them permission to lie; to deceive; to create an illusion by gaining the trust of a non-believer to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them, this is Islam’s most used ideological weaponry in war times. (Taqiyya – to advance the cause of Islam-to defeat the enemy)

One Spanish journalist after he left Gaza said, “We did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dare pointing our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us.”

Another journalist Italian Gabriele Barbati tweeted on July 29: “Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children [today] in Shati.”

Within Israel, an Elder of Zion said, “Every single report on TV from Gaza should have this disclaimer: ‘Our reporters have been threatened, implicitly and perhaps explicitly, by Hamas to only report one side of the story. Viewers must not trust anything they are saying.”

Even the Foreign Press Association protested strongly saying, “the blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month.”

The war between Israel and Gaza has been just one conflict in a world where terrorism and acts of terror have occurred that journalists have reported. With random acts of terror increasing around the world journalist will have plenty to do in one way or another.